To Béatrice Marechal

Jeff Mangin and his late first wife Béatrice Marechal often walked in Lithia Park, frequenting a bench overlooking the watercourse in the original Japanese-style garden. When Béatrice passed, Jeff wanted to add something of beauty to Lithia Park in her honor that could be enjoyed by everyone, residents and visitors alike.

Béatrice inspired Jeff by the simplicity in which she walked through life—the innocence of a child, a love of beauty, and a modesty in never wanting or needing too much. She loved nature, gardening, and the healing intersection that lies at the heart of the natural world, healthy food, and ancient Eastern wisdom. Béatrice’s life was one of valuing and seeking harmony in all things.

In conjunction with her siblings, Sylvie, Vincent, and Laurent, it was decided that Jeff and Béatrice’s family would gift the community a true Japanese garden so that everyone may enjoy the silence and healing tranquility such a garden can impart. It is offered as a place for generations to connect with nature, to enjoy the intricacy and meaning of an exquisite garden—a place for meditation, contemplation, and spiritual activity like yoga and tai chi.

We dedicate this garden to Béatrice Marechal in the hope that you, too, will find joy in the beauty, peace, and nature of this very special place.